Risk Assessment Policy

Risk Assessment

Date Approved by Trustees: September 2018
Date of next review: September 2019
Person responsible: Sharon Goulding
Associated Documents:
Safe Guarding Policy
Health and Safety Policy

Approved by Board of Directors:
William Taylor 2.10.2018


Green Tracks Enterprise recognises that the health, safety and welfare of trainees is of paramount importance.  Green Tracks Enterprise also recognises its duty of care to paid/unpaid staff and members of the public.  Within Green Tracks Enterprise and the wider community Trainees will be exposed to risk from individuals, situations and settings that may impact on the ability of Green Tracks Enterprise to keep them safe.  From time to time Trainees may present a particular risk to other Trainees, staff and the wider community that will require planned risk management.  Green Tracks Enterprise will, to the best of its ability, assess all such risks, proactively work to reduce potential risks, and develop strategies and control measures to protect Trainees, staff or the wider community as appropriate.  It is the duty of Green Tracks Enterprise staff to be aware of and follow such risk assessments at all times.


  1. Individual Risk Assessment and associated planning for support every trainee at  Green Tracks Enterprise is assessed in relation to any risk they may pose or to which they may be vulnerable. The assessment is recorded on the Assessment form. This is based on information gained during assessment and other information received at the application stage.
    This will be regularly updated if there is a perceived change of risk.
  2. Risk Assessments for specific activities will be kept and each trainee will be assessed against proposed risks of activities.